GRC Relaunch

We are glad to announce the opening of the Global Risk Clinic (GRC) Advisory. In the past, our focus has been on non-financial risk management. With the addition of more advisors and expertise we now offer advisory services to cover all aspects of Governance, Risk and Compliance.


Why use Global Risk Clinic (GRC)

GRC is a global boutique advisory aimed at providing value to financial institutions across the globe. We provide immediate, tailored, and cost-efficient value driven advisory to our customers by leveraging internal expertise to develop scalable and simple solutions.

Global Experience: We utilize highly experienced and educated executive level advisors who have spent decades in key roles with global institutions. Read about some of our advisors here

Pace: Our advisors work in an expedited fashion and aim at delivering immediate value and results to our customers. Typically, a GRC assessment with recommendations can be completed within a week.

Team Delivery: We work as one organism and leverage experience in a dynamic team environment. Our team spirit and collaborative culture results in cost efficient solutions which can be run smoothly long after completion and handover.

Scalability: As a team we have a significant experience tailoring solutions to organizations of all sizes and industries.

Ongoing Advice And Interim Positions

We provide ongoing advice as well as available experienced resources for interim positions.

Recruitment: We can evaluate and optimize your current resources, educate or locate new talents

Automation: Our tools aid our customers to automate business processes in keeping on track with implementation of governance, risk and compliance. Read about our proprietary system here


Additional Services

As our advisors have experience beyond Governance, Risk, and Compliance we can offer services in the following areas:

Asset management Industry: Our team have experience in all aspects of the asset management industry including the development of strategy and asset distribution approach.

Artificial Intelligence: Last but not least we can assist with customer centric automation processes and cloud strategy.